Maxam Training. Introduction of the new 12 Credit PTLLS Course

The team at Maxam Training are pleased to announce that from the end of December 2011, all our PTLLS courses, both face to face delivery and distance learning, will be in the format of the new 12 Credit qualification.  This amended PTLLS qualification was introduced by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) in October 2011 and will completely replace the former 6 Credit version in early 2012.

Although we are still finalising the required programme amendments, we are able to announce the following information:

Our former face to face programme will remain largely in its current format and will continue to be delivered over a 5 day period.  It will however, be followed by a short distance learning programme to cover the additional material.

All our previous learners who have now completed the original 6 Credit qualification will be credited with the new 12 Credit qualification when they progress their teacher training onto the CTLLS and/or DTLLS courses.

Although our pricing structure is under review, all learners who confirm places on any of our future PTLLS courses before the end of December 2011 will not be affected by any price increases should they be required.

Learners who are currently working through a PTLLS distance learning programme will remain on the 6 Credit programme, but will be credited with the new qualification on completion. Again, there will be no additional cost implications.

Full details will be posted on our PTLLS page in due course.

Graham Lancaster

Head of Centre

Maxam Training



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Maxam Training, Top Tips for Assessment of Learning

How do you finish a session off in an imaginative way that checks on learning achievement?

I thought this was an excellent assessment resource from Training Source UK.

For those lucky people who are joining us on the PTLLS course at the Wrightington Country Club next week, I can promise a couple of these coming your way!

Check it out here.


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Maxam Training. PTLLS Course Delivery

Just finished delivering the first part of a PTLLS programme to a small group of experienced trainers.  The group was even smaller than expected due to some last minute cancellations through sporting injuries.  The knock on effect was that we had to postpone the micro-teaching sessions until the missing learners were able to catch up.  The sessions were still fruitful and enjoyable and highlighted how flexible you need to be as a teacher.  Also, your teaching methodology for small groups will inevitably be different to that of a larger cohort, but don’t think that means your session will take less time.  I found that we were discussing relevant issues just as much as I would expect with a larger group, maybe even more!

Looking forward to our next Lancashire and Manchester PTLLS courses.

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Maxam Training. PTLLS Courses by Distance Learning or at the Luxurious Wrightington Country Club, Lancashire

Maxam Training are now delivering teacher training PTLLS courses at the excellent 4 Star Lancashire hotel, Wrightington Country Club near Wigan Manchester  This is also our local ‘micro-teach’ delivery venue for those learners undertaking the course by Distance Learning. 

Check our PTLLS page for some incredible prices that includes the use of the hotels luxurious health facilities.


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Maxam Training. TAQA assessor awards

Just submitted the initial application to increase our programme portfolio to include the new TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance Practitioners) assessor awards.  This new suite of awards replaces the old A1/A2/V1 qualifications that were phased out last year and are designed to support the assessment and quality assurance of all the qualifications that sit on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF).  I’m particularly keen to look at combining the new assessor qualifications with the mandatory assessment element of the CTLLS award…two important vocational qualifications within one course of learning!  All developments will be posted here as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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