PrProviders of the following of teacher and NVQ assessor training courses such as the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (formerly known as PTLLS), the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, the Entire Suite of TAQA NVQ Assessor and Internal Quality Assurance Awards and Certificates. Training courses delivered by face to face deliveries or distance online learning in Lancashire, Manchester, London and across the UK


Here are a few kind comments received from our programme learners:

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Wigan, April 2018

‘This was my favourite course I have ever attended. Neil was an excellent tutor who made us all feel comfortable throughout’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), London, April 2018

‘The trainer was professional and the course material provided was very useful in completing the qualification. I felt very supported.’

IQA programme March 2018

‘The support and guidance that I received from Graham was second to none, he understood the pressures of the operational workplace and the best way to encourage learning from our group.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Gravesend, March 2018

‘Great support and step by step learning’

‘I really enjoyed the course. Especially the classroom inputs. Neil was really good all week and made it enjoyable. It’s amazing how much you can learn from what seemed like a friendly chat all week.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Manchester, February 2018

‘The course content and the manner in which Neil presented the course was excellent. It was well planned and pitched at the right level.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Heathrow, January 2018.

‘Delivered very well and making it easy to understand. The online course ref is really good also.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Manchester, January 2018

‘Thank you for providing a really enjoyable and informative course. The learning I took will really assist me in providing quality training of my own.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS),Leatherhead, December 2017

‘Graham delivered a really enjoyable and helpful weeks training. Really helpful that he could come to our place of work. Pitched at the right level for our group. Don’t think anything needs improving.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Braintree, December 2017

‘Very enjoyable course with excellent instruction from Neil. Felt all aspects of the course were pitched at the correct level, with all students actively involved and encouraged.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Wigan, November 2017

‘Having been in the ‘teaching arena’ and being self taught and learnt from peers I openly admitted I had some pre conceived ideas about how it would go ….. yep, that was way off base!! Neil was excellent and built it steadily through the week with a manageable pace. Even with homework I really enjoyed the course (30+ years since doing anything marginally academic so it was a bit of a culture shock!) Great fun and learnt loads. Can’t ask for anything else. Thanks.’

‘This was one of the best courses I’ve been on in years. The trainer, Neil, was excellent engaging all of the learners and making the whole week very enjoyable. Thanks so much.’

‘Really good course, gave me a useful insight in the requirements of good teaching’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Braintree, November 2017

‘The course Tutor met my needs and expectations of the course, and was flexible to the circumstances that arose through the course.’

‘It was very well structured and well paced, the delivery was excellent.’

Certificate in Education and Training, ELCAS Candidate, October 2017

“Absolutely brilliant learning experience, assignments were marked in an extremely timely manner with the appropriate critique. All correspondence with my tutor was professional and extremely helpful within the learning environment. I am hoping to use the same company to complete the diploma in education which they provide. All in all I would recommend them to anyone who wants to complete a course in education.”

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Coulport, October 2017

‘Very enjoyable course. The instructor Neil has a laid back approach but is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects and techniques. I am very aware now of various teaching styles that will vastly improve my subject delivery and feedback.’

‘It was a very enjoyable course, I like Neil’s teaching style and would definitely recommend Maxam. Thanks.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS),  Gravesend, May 2017

‘I thought the trainer was very relaxed and explained the concept of the course very well.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Manchester, June 2017

‘Neil, our tutor, was very approachable and created an excellent classroom atmosphere. This made me feel valued and able to contribute freely during lessons.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Braintree, Essex, January/February 2017

‘I felt the course was extremely informative and beneficial in content and methodology for my particular training needs.’

‘Very well run course and I thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Westhoughton, January 2017

‘I came on this course as an already qualified police trainer, I was very surprised with the content and work load. It benefited me 100% more than I thought. Within the first week of training back at work I found myself implementing all I had learned. Could not fault the course or the delivery by Neil.’

Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Gravesend, November/December 2016

‘This was a really good course professionally delivered.’

‘The instructor was very personable making the days enjoyable. Thank you very much.’

‘There is nothing I can think of that would improve this course. It was pitched at just the right level and the course leader managed to make us see where it’d fit in with our future progression.’

‘Having never done anything like this before I was a little apprehensive about attending the course, I’m not really comfortable in an academic environment and never have been but Grahams style of teaching made me feel relaxed and he took time to explain things in a simplistic way, I thoroughly enjoyed the course.’

‘The course was well organised and detailed. I felt that due to Grahams former occupation he was able to provide more credibility and relate examples to a room full of firearms officers.’


Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), London, November 2016

‘The online material was well put together and allowed straightforward cross referencing to recap key points.’

‘Very good course and excellent trainer in Graham!’

‘Very well delivered by Graham with a sensible approach and a sense of humour.’




Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Leeds, August 2016

‘The course was delivered in a structured way utilising methodology that we could use whilst developing our course – it was made fun and learning was easy , even when the subject could have been dry’

‘I really enjoyed the course and Graham helped us enormously, we had a laugh and it wasn’t heavy, and he joined in the micro – teaches. It is fine as it is.’


Award in Education and Training (AET formerly known as PTLLS), Manchester, June 2016

‘A good course brought to life by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer’

‘Professional but relaxed instruction created a positive learning environment for all. Good support from everyone at Maxam….definitely recommend.’


Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) programme

‘From start to finish I have found Maxam Training to be the most professional company I have used for an external qualification.’

‘Great working with Graham, thank you so much for your advice and support.’

‘Overall I enjoyed the course, I felt a sense of achievement once I had completed it, I had no issues re the course.’

‘The course has an ‘easy to follow’ design, which gives the student more than enough time to prepare and complete each separate module. The material provided was more than adequate to set you upon your path whilst still having a requirement for research to be carried out. In truth I found it easier to speak to my online tutor compared to the one that I had nominated. Overall an enjoyable course, thank you. I have already recommended you to others.’

‘Very pleased with the support provided. Helpful, responsive & friendly.’


Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) programme

‘Having completed several courses with Maxam Training I feel that the course structure and content has been brilliant, the support and guidance which I have received has been second to none. Thank you so much…’


Distance/online learning courses

‘The course was good and I have learnt a lot from it’

‘Fantastic service, thank you very much for your help over the last week. Just another reason why we actively refer you to students and tutors.’

‘Excellent course content and structure. All feedback was timely and constructive.’

‘I thought this course was great. doing it online meant I could complete bits whenever I had the time and my work was always marked in a timely and approachable fashion. tutors were lovely too.’

‘As a new online learner, I was not very confident at first but that quickly changed when I realised how simple the layout of everything was. I enjoyed my course.’

‘Graham was always available to answer any of my questions, even when he was busy he would respond and get back to me when he could.’

‘The course seems very well designed for those with quick and easy access to the internet. It has a straightforward and easy to follow system.’

‘I found the online site very easy to access and use. Instructions were precise and the Maxam training staff were always extremely helpful. My assignments were always quickly marked and returned with valuable feedback. The course material was very good but it also required further research of books and the internet to achieve the required standard (which is a good way to ensure the students fully research their assignment subjects). The venue and organisation surrounding the 20 minute presentation was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Maxam training to anyone thinking of seeking an award in education course.’

‘This was an excellent course and I would highly recommend it. I am from a law enforcement background and have no recognised teaching qualifications. However, I was able to study the on-line training package in my own time and found it very easy to follow. The course content was pitched at just the right level and was very informative. Graham and Shona were always available to answer any questions I had in a prompt manner. I would recommend this online course to anybody who like myself, cannot commit to the 5 day attendance course due to work commitments.’

‘Great support throughout. The micro-teach session was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.’

‘I didn’t realise that distance learning could be this easy’

‘My course Tutor was always available if needed and I received as much help and support as I required throughout the process.’








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